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Daily Specials



IT’S TIME FOR OKTOBERFEST! Our PRETZEL REUBENS are slow-cooked corned beef, Kraut and Swiss plus Yellow Mustard on a Pretzel Roll. Sehr gut!! $8.45.

Sure, we offer the Sinatra Sandwich every day, but Saturdays seem a perfect day to showcase it. It's a hot sandwich of Capicolla, Salami & Pepperoni, grilled and served with sauteed mushrooms, onions & banana peppers, homemade red "gravy" & Provolone cheese. Get it on your choice of any of the three focaccia breads. Not eating bread? It's still excellent! $9.45. The VEGGIE SINATRA is sauteed mushrooms, onions & banana peppers, Provolone cheese and our homemade pizza sauce on your choice of focaccia $7.45

Vegetarian Red Bean and Acorn Squash Stew over Red Quinoa. This change in the weather has got us thinking about autumn. Our “Ahimsa” offering of the day is a moderately spicy slow-cooked Red Bean and Acorn Squash Stew, served over Red Quinoa. It’s incredibly healthy and equally “kind.” $8.25.

 SMOKED SALMON is a “real classy” way to abstain. Get it as a sandwich, on dark rye with cream cheese, red onion, capers & tomato, or as a salad over Romaine with Chevre,

red onion, capers & tomato $9.95/sandwich, $11.95/salad.

 The HERBAL EGG SALAD uses lots of fresh basil & parsley. Get a sandwich or wrap $6.25, or muffin $4.75.

 It’s here again! The SIRACHA FOCACCIA CLUB is a HIT! It’s a homemade Siracha aioli (made with sunflower oil) plus turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce & tomato on your choice of plain, fennel or tomato-basil focaccia $8.25.

Chicken Salad is big this time of year and we have BETSEY'S CHERRY CHICKEN SALAD, as a sandwich, wrap or over greens  $7.95. Try it on a croissant for $1 more.

We’re stuffing our Artisan Croissants with Ham & Havarti, Cheddar Serrano and Turkey Cheddar with Cherry Jam! $4.75.  Great with a bowl of soup!


Farmer Ted gave us some of his organically grown potatoes, and we’re using them for a Vegan POTATO AND ROASTED GARLIC SOUP, that someone described as like “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.”


The Michigan Apples are great this year, so it’s time for APPLE-GINGER LIMEADE! As well as PINEAPPLE-CUCUMBER MOJITO LIMEADE & MANGO LEMONADE!

We’re trying out a new version of Banana Bread. This one is inspired by the Caribbean and has coconut in it! $2.25/slice.

It’ ain’t pretty, but our APPLE CAKE needs no adornment to be da-lish! $2.95.




All specials are made in limited quantities (no changes or substitutions please). Reserve yours in advance, via email until 11:30, or by phone at any time 847 487 2037. Frank’s Karma Café – Lunch. Unchained.

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