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Daily Specials
SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2015


THE IRONIC PULLED PORK SANDWICH, got its name because we now make our own buns for the sandwich (we also make all of our other breads). We’ve determined that the best roll for the sandwich is made with Challah dough. Challah is the traditional Jewish Sabbath bread, hence the irony. Served with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ SAUCE.

HELLO DHALLY is one of our “Good Karma” Specials. It adheres to the most basic principle of yoga, in that it is “non-violent”, meaning that no animal products are used in  the dish. Beyond that, to ever larger group of  people who love it, it’s delicious. It’s lentils cooked in turmeric and other spices, and then we add sautéed onions, garlic and more spices, like cumin and then coconut milk. It’s served over a rice pilaf that’s loaded with ginger, serranos, peas & golden raisins for a balance of sweet & hot, and then we serve it with our homemade Nectarine Chutney made during the peak of nectarine season. It’s a personal fave $7.25.

Rainbow Chard is so pretty, what with all that color, and the chard we get from Meyer Farms (open this weekend for your Memorial Day veggies) is local and organic. We’re sautéing it and putting it in the RAINBOW CHARD & BACON QUICHE today. Served with a small green salad $8.25.

You won't miss the meat in our LENTIL-MUSHROOM "BURGERS" We
add sherry & dried mustard to the mix and serve it on an egg-washed bun with Provolone
Cheese, red onion, pickle & yellow mustard, PLUS, you get chips and a soda, water or
Iced Tea $7.95.

The HERBAL EGG SALAD uses lots of fresh basil & parsley. Get a sandwich or wrap $6.25, or muffin $4.75.

It’s here again! The SIRACHA FOCACCIA CLUB is a HIT! It’s a homemade Siracha aioli (made with sunflower oil) plus turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce & tomato on your choice of plain, fennel or tomato-basil focaccia $8.25.

The Sinatra Sandwich is a wonderful showcase for our Focaccia bread. It's a hot sandwich of Capicolla, Salami & Pepperoni, grilled and served with sauteed mushrooms, onions & banana peppers, homemade red "gravy" & Provolone cheese. Get it on your choice of any of the three focaccia breads. Not eating bread? It's still excellent! $9.45. The VEGGIE SINATRA is sauteed mushrooms, onions & banana peppers, Provolone cheese and our homemade pizza sauce on your choice of focaccia $7.45

Chicken Salad is big this time of year and we have BETSEY'S CHERRY CHICKEN SALAD, as a sandwich, wrap or
over greens  $7.95.

We have a cold-brewed ICED COFFEE that you can get with or without our latest passion – homemade cashew milk $2.95.

We have found exceptionally delicious strawberries lately, and were highlighting them in STRAWBERRY-RHUBARB PIE, STRAWBERRY NECTAINRE PIE, FRESH STRAWBERRY PIE, on the side of your ANGEL FOOD CAKE and in STRAWBERRY LEMONADE!

ANGEL FOOD CAKE is a delicious way to use up all of the egg whites we have left over from making Challah bread. $2.50/slice.  KITCHEN SINK COOKIES, AND PIES, INCLUDING COCONUT, BANANA AND CHOCOLATE CREAM!.

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